Delectable Dessert

Sona Reddy


Ice Creamery in Hyderabad is a dessert outlet that has been designed by Sona Reddy and her team with amazing patterns and colours that render a fresh look.

What kind of interiors do you build around the sale of a superstar dessert? Good gelato can probably sell itself, but of course, a great eatery around it is always welcome! For Hyderabad-based Sona Reddy Studio, the design for Ice Creamery was all about pulling in attention by employing colours and forms of the freshest variety in this pursuit.

The main door and French display wall sport such a fresh coat of spearmint green that no set of eyes passing by will be able to resist peeping in. And inside they will find a sparse furniture layout spread across a beautiful wooden floor that is punctuated by grey hexagonal tiles.

The vibe is decidedly European, established using cane chairs and stools and a pastel-heavy colour scheme. An uneven, thick slab of polished wood becomes the bar-top, over which hover three artsy exposed metal lamps.

On the opposite wall are two wooden, wall-affixed mini tables, overlooked by a pair of lamps covered by scuffed metal shades. Small potted plants delicately complement the Spartan settings. This is one more project that the SRS team can be proud of having designed with great maturity. No wonder every corner of this eatery spells the delectable desserts that it sells!