Game On

Sameer Balvally And Shilpa Jain Balvally


The Manchester United Café and Bar at R City Mall in Ghatkopar, Mumbai, is everything a sports-bar is expected to be – it is casual, has a big screen, viewing zones, and lots of football-related visual inspiration on the walls.

“Glory, Glory, Man United!” The anthem echoed through the 3,500 sq. ft. Manchester United Café and Bar at R City Mall, Ghatkopar, in Mumbai.

The outlet design features the trademark club colours - red and black. A patron is greeted with a large backlit logo at the entrance, with footballs hanging from the ceiling imparting a characteristic game atmosphere. 

The outlet is divided into 3 zones - the Active zone (Bar area), the Spectator zone (dining area), and the Warm-up zone (pool table area) – making it flexible to choose a comfort zone from where one can view the spectacular ‘Big Screen’, key feature of any sports bar.

“While the ambience of the café and bar was aimed at being casual, it still has a sophisticated touch to its detailing. The dynamic feature of the outlet is the bar area with its unique rope ceiling,” states the team from Mumbai-based Studio Osmosis.

The inspiration for the ceiling was derived from the ‘Mexican Wave’, a rhythmic movement of the crowd that ripples through a stadium during games. A wooden beam runs along the ceiling in a curve, with red nylon ropes forming a rippling effect in the framework.

The bar back has been enhanced with edge-lit glass shelves for the bottle display. Flanked on either side of the bar are the ‘Home and Away’ zones, with casual high seating standing opposite to the bar. Chain-link fence accents with football stands add to the casual atmosphere of the outlet.

The large community table flanks the right-hand side of the bar area which sits opposite the Big Screen, thus making for a perfect spot for game-viewing and friend-making. This is the gathering zone for fans while watching a football match. The booth-style seating lined against the curved mall façade with low hanging lights over the tables provides a different dining option. The façade adjoining the booth seating is lined with a large graphic of players from the Manchester United team, which also helps cut the indirect glare into the outlet.