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Vivek And Upasana Popli


For anyone who thought that Mumbai needed a New York’s West Village type infusion of style with a cosy heart to boot, look no further than Open House located at Shivaji Park. Right from the façade, Vivek and Upasana Popli create a café and bar that feels like home. Study table lights, sofas that could comfortably belong in an English home, a somewhat impetuous splattering of colours and a mixed bag of seating options do indeed conjure up a homely charm. Then there is the bar, with its shockingly bright candy-coloured table. This combination of disparate elements is what makes Vipasna Designs and Contracts’ work here so special.
However, if this mix isn’t your style, then head to the comfort of the relative uniformity of the mezzanine floor dining area. This section overlooks Cadell Road and is bathed in the sublime hues of polished wood. On one side of the elongated space is an upholstered wall, while on the other is a railing that looks down to the lower dining area.