Mumbai Unplugged

Shabnam Gupta


The Bombay Bronx at Breach Candy, Mumbai, is a bar-restaurant dedicated to all the familiar sights a Mumbaikar experiences while managing to make them look fresh. This bar-restaurant’s insides have been built to be slightly overwhelming to a new-comer’s eye. The wash of warm yellow light is not just for illumination but to make all the reds, greens, yellows, and blues of the décor stand out in full ‘hip’ glory. The team from The Orange Lane worked a fine eye of detail here to achieve the holy grail of a café design template - a mix of the rough and the refined; a safe place for caffeine-guzzling genteel folks to appreciate artificial ruggedness. Shabnam Gupta’s interior design followed an open policy for even the important elements of the 1,900 sq. ft. space. The RCC roof is exposed, with the conduits showing through, and hand bars like those found in BEST buses hang from the ceiling. It wisely pre-supposes the guests’ deep understanding of the props, and so just lays them around for them to gawk at. It is a smart mix, bringing together shiny colour and edgy concrete and making it all look like a fond city.