Oriental Leanings

It is a coveted opportunity when an architect and interior designer is asked to extend his role in the holistic development of a project, guiding the client through to a thoroughly informed and appropriate business module instead of merely designing his premises. R. L. Narrayan & Associates were instrumental in conceptualising and designing the 5 Spice chain of restaurants.
At this restaurant in Mumbai, one observes a touch of wood in varying tones of umber; black shimmer slate, a sprinkling of the Oriental bamboo and pebbled troughs with strategically placed Buddhas that enhance the hospitable environs. There is a softness in contours which is furthered enhanced with attention-grabbing sheet-metal wall-art, bordered in sleek wood and back-lit for effect. With the entire lengths of the walls washed in subdued light, the artwork gains prominence and creates arresting chiaroscuro patterns that liven up the place.