Reinventing The Irani Restaurant

The SodaBottleOpenerWala restaurants stay true to their eccentric Irani Cafe inspirations. The overall design by Clement M DeSylva & Associates is old world and authentic to the glory days of the Irani café. The walls are lined with vintage photo frames and bric-a-brac. Many of the accessories are old, salvaged and restored elements. The attention to detail, however, shows in the newer additions. The furniture, for example, was made for the restaurant as traditional armchairs didn’t fit into this space in the way Clement DeSylva and Sabina Singh wanted. The playful atmosphere is further enhanced with graphics, large menus, and signs that read out the Irani café riot act to you: “No laughing loudly. No Singing. No Childish Tantrums.” Each SBOW restaurant follows the Irani café concept but is a standalone space with additions made depending on the layout and location.