Simply Classic

Charvi Mehta


A design which speaks for the brand.

The Architectural firm headed by Charvi Mehta, an interior designer based in Mumbai, was started with a vision to transform any available space into a beautiful, well-designed functional environment. Charvi Mehta, a Mumbai-based interior designer with an experience of 10 years is essentially a story-teller who uses different materials to narrate biographies of spaces.

Their project the Bespoke Salon used for salon purposes as well as shoots and education is is designed in an apt way that reflect the ideology of the Brand.  The whole palette is predominantly white and grey in different materials to enhance the openness of the space and intent is to add calm and serenity to the space. Also one wall is covered with grid of mirror to camouflage the doors to Beauty room, Pantry and Washroom and it gives a depth to the space. The round mirrors of cutting station are the representation of the “O” from the brand name and it’s a distinct character of the salon. Magenta and Floral Chairs at the reception adds a pop of colour to the neutral space. Overall the intent was to give a refreshing timeless aesthetic value.