Sizzling Bite

Tejas Mistry


The designing of a restaurant necessitates the incorporation of several minute details and ideas into it. Tejas Mistry and his team have wonderfully executed the design of this Surat restaurant.

In order to render a connection to the past, this venture has been designed with rustic interiors fused with modern furniture. This 6640 sq. ft. area space has been divided into 4 distinct zones. The entrance foyer of the restaurant is introduced by expose rough brick and naked lights. Old school bulbs used in various area of the restaurant show earthy colours.

A screen covers the restaurant entry area while rough brick wall on the passage area with a painting of cooks cooking creating an element of drama as if there shadows are observed working on the wall. The wall has a heavy design concept with ‘Expose platter’ and self-designed lights. The ceiling is designed using metal pipes with copper finish and light fixtures. The sitting area has partitions. The floor of this area is pasted with ‘Checkered Sheet’. Open to sky is the most attractive part of the restaurant.

The whole area is divided into two parts – restaurant and banquet. The banquet is situated just beside the restaurant area. The ceiling has a hanging fabric resembling the Spider’s web. Rustic texture is applied on the wall of the whole area. The columns covered up with ply and further an old texture has been painted on it. Old style light fixtures are used to enhance the ambiance. The back wall of the restaurant is designed with wooden blocks with bulbs hanging over it. The flooring is designed with checkered sheet again over here to give the touch of rust for the theme.