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Pratik Siddhpura And Devang Patel


All architectural design is a stage that celebrates the activity happening upon and within it. Evolution Fitness by P&D Associates is one such platform that houses a combination of contemporary style and a peaceful vibe that is sure to entice.

Fitness has long turned from a fad into a faithful lifestyle for most urbanites. Keeping this in mind, it won’t be wrong to say that the design of a fitness club has become pivotal in generating an emotional response for and from the people who visit it. Nevertheless, dealing with throngs of people who have had long days at work, can be quite draining if the setup is not of the right kind. But, for those seeking a more serene way to sweat, 

Fitness Evolution in Ankaleshwar, designed by P&D Associates is fast becoming a sanctuary for the discerning.

A gym that emanates a sophisticated air of tranquility and fortitude from all its architectural beauty, Fitness Evolution is also one trendy place where people come not just to train but also to recreate. As the designers, Pratik and Devang share, “The gym was conceived as a place that not only felt sporty, but also meant business.” 

The space references retro-industrial gyms that were usually direct and without any unnecessary frills. The proposal sought maximum integration of spaces. The functional requirement of the gym called for a constant communication between the trainers and the trainees. Keeping that in mind, compartmentalisation of the different areas was necessary, like the reception and lounge area, locker rooms and the warm-up and training areas.

The beauty of a monochromatic colour scheme is one that is hard to pin down. Derived from a single base hue the architects have extended shades of the three primary colours into the envelope in small chunks which add pep and punk to the ambience. “The place sports a bright yellow coupled with a sophisticated deep grey to exude a casual yet intense feel,” informs the duo.