The Snehdiv Lounge

Aniket And Smruti Bhagwat


The Snehdiv Lounge, created by Aniket and Smruti Bhagwat, embodies the idea of leisure. It is indicative of a growing public consciousness on the ill effects of a hectic urban life. The advantages of leisure, of physical fitness are combined with closeness to nature and embracing slowness in a small part of living. The primary idea is of an internal space that holds both, the built and the landscape. The Lounge is a sunken courtyard with a very strong sense of a container. It is a delightful place at all times of the day, offering varied possibilities of experiences. The spaces gain a meditative quality with the soft sunlight creating magical patterns behind the louvers, filtering in through fragile translucent curtains. The craftsmanship is particularly pronounced in the furniture by Samira Rathod from the architectural firm SRDA. Continuing the idea of each space being distinct, she treats the furniture as individual pieces, each different from the other. The Lounge is reminiscent of the recreational palaces of Rajasthan, as protected places for pleasure and entertainment, and is a special place that is distinct from the routines of daily life.