Tripping Over Tapas

Minnie Bhatt


Myx was planned as a tapas bar with small eats from around the world. It was to be an adventure of food from around the world, hence ‘travel’ is a predominant part of the design concept here.

Myx, the tapas bar and restaurant located in Juhu, Mumbai, is divided into indoor and outdoor sections.

The artwork of a woman looking out at the world through binoculars was the first design element that leads the concept of the place. The space was conceptualised as an eclectic one with a mix of various elements put together. The artworks on the white textured wall accompanying the woman with the binoculars are all related to travel, and memories you take back with you. The ceiling is created with refurbished tin tiles of a mix of colours lending an old world charm in a contemporary manner. The floor is in solid teak wood, complimented by IPS panels on the walls and bar front.

The existing red brick wall was retained towards the back and overlaid with a white textured plaster in parts to bind it with the new texture wanted for the space. A large metal compass hangs on the wall above the black leather couch, depicting travel.

For the façade, window panels in metal frames were created, the design for which is again inspired by binoculars, hence the 2 intersecting circles. The tables are a mix of 2 different tables with varied finishes put together. For the seating, tan leather-finished metal framed chairs were chosen to lend a casual vibe to the space. The hanging lights of the outdoor area, as well as the indoor lights of the tin tile ceiling, were customised specially for the space.

The service stations too are a blend of different drawers and knobs put together.

The design team searched flea markets and collector stores to source the vintage and retro cameras, binoculars, hip flasks and frames and mounted them on the outdoor walls, along with some vintage travel ad posters.