Unobtrusive Comfort

The brief to Ayaz Basrai, founder of The Busride Design Studio was to create a main-street cousin of the Saltwater Grill in Chowpatty, Mumbai. Thus, the designers realized early on that the project would be an unobtrusive; comfort space generating repeat visits from clientele. So, the design focus was minimal, firmly placed on a large slab, a monolithic approach to forms and details, which stitched up various levels of the site and one person’s bench became a table for another due to its placement and the site being planned across multiple levels. This approach is the guiding principle for every single function using the concept across tight geometrics and natural wood tones for Saltwater Café’s warm and inviting ambience, contributed in part by a mix of sandy surfaces and wood, albeit in a very different avatar with all props being designed completely by the studio. The designers worked on custom designed baby chairs, wastebaskets, door-latches, furniture, lighting and even toilet signs composed from only 2 materials used to create 90% of the space, namely white cement and Burma teak wood.