Wanderlust Soiree Space

Only someone born under a wandering star can comprehend the essence of a space as quirky, eternally evolving and free as the Smoke House Deli in Delhi - from fun, informal, entertaining deli space by day to mood-lit, quieter and more romantic soiree space as the evening sets in. The typical ‘serious’ restaurant design has been replaced effectively and intentionally here with an irreverent, scintillating and imaginatively idiosyncratic look with a seamless integration of elements that are placed here as a parody of themselves. Ayaz Basrai, proprietor of The Busride Design Studio, Mumbai worked on the restaurant design, as well as created the wall illustrations and artworks for the SHD. There is the fun outdoor signage and a main door that deserves a second glance twice over, hand-illustrated wallpapers and cabinets that were painstakingly created, in addition to assorted 2D and 3D features that contribute to the essence of a truly exclusive social dining space