A Storehouse Of Elegance

This boutique in Bandra, Mumbai, is inspired by, and built to complement designer duo Shantanu & Nikhil’s collection of stunning apparel. Rishita Das and Rushda Hakim of Design Office have worked on a minimalist, elegantly staid canvas to build a store that oozes finesse. With deft restraint they have imbued subtlety into every corner of the store, playing with light and shade. The designers have employed the charms of textural contrast to accord the clothes more visual advantage than they already have. The store’s stand-out feature is the minimalist use of colours, lights and mirrors. These three elements have been adjusted and tweaked in varying degrees to bring out the best of the collection and to give the whole space a warm, approachable glow. Full credit goes to the coarse slate for making the apparel look dainty and desirable in contrast, while the warm sweeps of light deserve applause for adding to the dull fluorescent sheen all around. The chamfered mirrors set up a brilliant play of reflections all around, with the yellows and the blues cutting into the pristine whites.