Radiant Cut Diamond Mirror

Mirrors are used to make a room appear more spacious. This diamond-shaped one is an architectural jewel.

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Aesthetics of Dreams

Piyush Mehra and Priyanka Pradeep


The Elaars Pool’s showroom in Mumbai designed by P S Designs is a fine manifestation of the aesthetics combined with luxury!

The design inception started with an attempt to create an influx of light, good enough to create a ramified environment and an illusion of an eclectic space. Several Bamboo trees were planted outside the windows to give the look of a garden outside. This juxtaposition of subtle greenery adds a Turing feel to the whole showroom space.

The requirement of the showroom was to display itself in every possible bit. Since the major focus of display was sanitary fixtures, a minimal attention is rendered to the floor and the ceiling. This allows the users to concentrate on the products more effectively.  For the same reason, accent light is used on the products and the whole showroom works on a zero ambient lighting principle. This not only makes the showroom an energy efficient space but also adds a pinch of romance to the entire area. Following the needs, the ceiling is painted black and the flooring is plain IPS flooring.

Each display is separated by the other through an apparent/non-apparent partition. Each partition is different from the other to avoid monotony. Example, the first partition is done by metallic chains with a diamond cut which becomes visible when light falls on it. The second partition is a wooden screen painted in white. The third is an open shelf with various artefacts placed in it.

The Feature-Wall is a indemnified attempt to focus on other vital products which need attention. It is done by creating an interesting composition of mirrors on a wall with a long hanging counter, showcasing various kinds of basins.