Lounge in style

Rahul Bansal And Amit Aurora


This grand outlet, designed by DCA Architects to cater to discerning clients, is itself a work of art.

The Jade Blue Lounge in Ahmedabad is designed with a lavish and contemporary ambience befitting the high-end clientele of the brand. The brand showcases only its premium bespoke clothing line sported by celebrities. The showroom combines a modern design language and rich materials to define a larger than life space. They create designs for the prominent and aims to cater to individual taste whilst providing exclusivity.

Jade Blue is a multi-brand outlet within which an exclusive lounge has been fabricated to provide service to its high-end customers.

A classical spiral staircase, designed in wood and wrought iron, takes one to the entrance of the lounge, leading into one of the four distinct quadrants.

The architects have used large classical cupboards with glass panels to display their range. Mannequins at various corners of the store ensure a panoramic vision to the assemblage. The arched niches of the walls are finished partly in wood and gold paint to create display shelves. Lighting is customised to focus on the exhibited apparel.

A distinct striking feature is the salvaged, antique ceiling with intricate and decorative motifs cut in brass work. Numerous broken mirrors have been placed between the actual ceiling, while cut outs were made to execute the brass work ceiling. These cut outs were then replicated and wood painted to provide conformity to the entire space. The drop-down cross beams with a lit-ceiling behind, is well combined with arched portals in wood. The arched portals exemplify the beauty of the arched niches on the walls and frame the double panels of the jaali.

Contemporary lighting creates a balanced ambience by cove recessed lighting and hidden task lighting. Vintage artwork and framed photographs, the art deco brackets and the antique earthenware pots create an atmosphere that is elegant and characteristic of this studio. The grey rugs and the leather furniture are contemporary, yet complement the antiquate look.

This private lounge of the Jade Blue brand is not aimed to create what one may call the regular showroom for selling fashion labels, it is more of a lounge used by the artist to showcase the exquisite collection to a select clientele.