Of Mixing Subtlety With Edginess

The projects realised by Mumbai-based Kavan Shah Design Studio (KSDS) are composed of simple layers that come together beautifully to create a profound and unique aesthetic language.

Kavan Shah Design Studio (KSDS) believes in the use of restrained material palette. The team exhibits an academic preoccupation with a building material’s natural properties and strives to employ, enhance, and celebrate them wherever possible.

The result is that even a common, everyday substance like concrete comes alive, so to speak, in the team’s design schemes. Such restraint also fits in well with the clients who constantly ask for exclusivity in their projects.

The Mumbai-based design studio work with the team’s diversity of thought and deep-thinking simplicity. They usually prefer to juxtapose uncomplicated surfaces with the natural surrounding to create homogenous spaces. As a result, their designs respond to the surroundings and at the same time elicit a response from them.

Aside from architecture and interior design, the Mumbai- based firm’s interest extends to craft revival and product and landscape design.