Splice Of Life

Narendra Pirgal And Vikram Rajashekar And Smaran Mallesh


This commercial complex in Bengaluru was to be squeezed into a small site. But also, as principals Narendra Pirgal, Vikram Rajashekar and Smaran Mallesh discovered, this was a chance to turn the typically staid shop front tradition on its head. At the fulcrum of Cadence Architects’ rebellion of form are concrete rhombuses and quadrilaterals, lounging like leisurely tourists on the broad façade. Peeping through in between are the glass walls of the shops, not too exposed, but enough to raise curiosity.
The team wanted to “alter the horizontal reading of the elevation”, so ceilings, shelves and desks seem to break dance throughout the complex, possibly making the consumers wonder if something just moved positions right in front of their eyes. This kind of deliberate befuddlement is a brilliant strategy as it makes the retail experience more dynamic. Today’s consumers are well aware of the effects of lighting, texture and colours of an interiors in shaping their shopping moods. Inside Splice, they are sure to appreciate the smartness with which this end is achieved.