Attire Inspirations

Sona Reddy


Team SRS has created a space where five brands including a pop-up gallery can co-exist in chic harmony in this apparel store in Hyderabad.

Walking around apparel stores used to be an overwhelming experience, but it is so no more. Most brand outlets now have interiors whose personalities match those of the clothes on display, and Store Anonym did not want to be any different. Sona Reddy Studio has created a space where 5 brands and a pop-up gallery can co-exist in chic harmony and all visitors can treat themselves to walking around sublime spaces peppered with open shelves, quirky accessory display sections, and smart arrays of thread rolls standing in as tall show-pieces.

The most remarkable detail here is the lighting scheme, which is muted and soft yellow, and composed of lamps looking down from a ceiling criss-crossed by exposed pipes and a pretty central metal grid installation. Metal pipes descend from the ceiling and become the rods from which the display is hung, a feature that together accords the space a spot of industrial edge.

 Metal, birch-ply and installations played the major elements in this store. Jaisalmer stone slabs are juxtaposed with cement as the floor finish. Without doubt, the project’s smartest aspect is its careful sprinkling of artistic detailing, including uneven mirrors, randomly-hung fabric curtains, metal meshes and screens that demarcate the display sections, and of course, a lovely loom.

The myriad elements keep the setting somewhat grounded, by emphasising the raw parts that came together to form the refined outfits that populate the brands today.