The Seventh Decree

Ajay Shah of Ajay Shah Design Studio designs an exponential store for a high fashion jewellery brand, Carbon in suburban Mumbai. Carbon 7 degree has a disposition in its brand colours of black and white; it is the seventh store of the chain and is incidentally designed on a graphic principle of skewing everything at seven degrees. The entire shop interior has been pre-fabricated and then modularly set into the store with a floating effect where the floor and ceiling appear white and floating, and the shell appears black and seamless. It is engineered to envelope the space in a continuous, free-flowing, overlapping form that eliminates vertical planes and corners. Right at the onset, the concept of Carbon 7 degree was to create a visual seamlessness that enhances the feeling of a non-linear space. Consequently, treating the interiors much like a product, the walls, display modules and merchandising bays are profiled along a skewed form, much like a parallelogram; to the extent that even the cash and other services are camouflaged within the wall panels.