The Show Home

Sachin And Neha Gupta


Carefully curated vignettes, presented just like a real home is quite clearly the focus of Beyond Designs. This store mirrors both elegance and panache that appeals to all the senses. The brand’s new ‘Show Home’ in South Delhi has been designed by founder and interior designer Sachin Gupta and his wife Neha Gupta.
The unique walk-through concept showcases a formal living room, dining room, bar lounge, bedroom and a bathroom. What sets the store apart is the display concept itself which presents a lived-in apartment look. The 1400 square-feet space exudes an enthralling ambience and reflects the tastes of those who understand and appreciate the finer things of life. As one delves deeper into the store, one realises that the display is in fact a canvas for an expression of a multitude of design experiments and influences. Amidst the different shapes, forms and surfaces one can feel the varied influences of art deco, graphic futurism and lyrical decadence.
The raw cement look is evident on both the floor and the ceiling as well. Incidentally, this provides the neutral colour base against which the exquisite artworks and colourful artefacts and accessories stand out.