Tiles of Inspiration

Kapil Aggarwal


The Intersekt tile showroom goes beyond just showcasing the different products available but gives the visitor a unique experience.

A museum, an experience centre, an office, the Intersekt, located in New Delhi is more than just a showroom. Looking at the dynamic facade of the building, it is hard to tell that the office building was earlier just one of their warehouses that had been under use for the past 15 years.

Amalgamating facade design, landscape and interiors in a very bold manner the Space architects have developed a design in a way that catches the eye easily and immediately conveys the purpose of the building. Space architects is an international award-winning architectural firm known for their design quality, imagination and originality. Their motto to design, detail and enjoy work that responds to the clients needs is reflected through their work.

The brief of the ‘Intersekt’ was to design a tile showroom and an office space by converting one amongst the two warehouses present on site. They wanted the showroom to be a museum which they would use to showcase their tiles as their beloved possessions. So, keeping in mind the client’s passion for work over three generations in the tile industry, they decided to create a museum cum experience centre where people would spend hours to look, select and know about the kinds of tiles available in the market.

The result of this is a beautiful contemporary building, whose exteriors show the use of mainly two types of tiles that complement each other and are used in a contrast manner. A glass block protruding from one of the facades adds a depth to the otherwise solid structure. The lighting patterns created on the way gives away the lines of force on the building and enhances the overall look of the building even in the evening.