Calm, Cool and Cherished - Interior Design and Decoration Ideas for Homes by Ketan Kurwalkar + Sonali Dahotre Architects

Calm, Cool and Cherished

  • Category Homes
  • Type Entrance & Foyers
  • Style Modern
  • Size Large
  • City Panchgani
  • Photo Courtesy Ketan Kurwalkar + Sonali Dahotre Architects - Photos Courtesy by Ketan Kurwalkar + Sonali Dahotre Architects
  • Project Detail This weekend home provides a natural escape to a family used to city sights. Rustic interiors and an airy courtyard-layout distinguishes this Panchgani pad. A weekend retreat in Maharashtra, this house is located at the base of the beautiful tableland in verdant Panchgani. It stands in the midst of
  • Expert Detail

    Established in 2008, and based in Pune, the studio comprises of Architect Ketan Kurwalkar & Landscape architect Sonali Dahotre. Architecture is the biggest form of art for us and we make a conscious effort to design engaging, modest yet intellectual spaces. Every project is designed keeping in mind the client’s aspirations and at the same time drawing inspiration from the best features that the site offers. In our projects, architecture is a part of landscape and not vice versa. We believe and practice economy in design right from conception to execution while keeping in mind how the project will perform on the time scale.