Designed To Cleanse Your Soul

Thisara Thanapathy


The feel and design of Santani Wellness Resort is based on Kandy and the city's beauty, tranquility and grandeur.

Kandy in Sri Lanka, with the serene Kandy Lake in the middle, is surrounded by tea plantations, rainforests and mountains. Everything about this city evokes a sense of tranquility and restfulness. No wonder that it is home to one of the finest wellness resorts in the country.

Santani Wellness Resort, designed by Thisara Thanapathy Associates, can be approached through winding roads of the rural, hilly terrain.

The design, conceived by principal architect Thisara Thanapathy, takes guests across a series of green terraces that follows the slope of the land, resembling a stepped paddy field. At the foot of these terraces lies a green paddy field.

There are two simple pavilions constructed on pillars slightly above the ground, resembling Kandyan vernacular structures on pillars. The turfed terraces blend well not only with the paddy field in the front, but also with the adjacent well-groomed tea estate. The orientation of the terraces makes a strong visual connection with the far away mountains and makes one feel at one with nature.

A well-articulated pathway brings visitors to the reception pavilion, which frames and captures the view of the scenic mountains. A tunnel in the pavilion leads one down to the immediate lower level. A water therapy room, steam room and sauna are located here. If you walk further down the tunnel, you enter the second lower level where three massage treatment rooms are located.

Established in 1997, Thisara Thanapathy Architects belongs to the creative breed of contemporary Sri Lankan architectural practices. Since inception, the team has designed and completed numerous projects, varying from residential houses, to civic, industrial and commercial buildings.

The team of Sri Lankan aArchitects, with other leading professionals, both local and foreign, collaborate to make every project a success. Coordination with small and large scale contractors helps the team produce quality work on time. The firm first understands the requirements of the client and then interprets them in the form of Sri Lankan architectural language and style.